We will be delighted to welcome you to our training band and support you in learning a brass instrument no matter how young or young at heart you are.  It is never too late to learn and mature learners are very welcome as well as young people.

At any one time there are around five people learning and we welcome more of course!  We can support you in learning to read music and technique.  Learners receive tuition one-to-one to begin with, then as they progress, in a group.  This tuition is covered in the subscription cost.

Our training band meets for an hour before the main band on a Wednesday night at 6.30pm.

Three of our young players recently were awarded Grade 1 in recognition of their achievements so far.  Previous young people who learnt with us have gone on to play in the National Youth Brass Band and in University Bands.  It can take you a long way in your musical career should you wish it to!  Many of us just play for fun.

If you would like to learn, please do call.  We would love to hear from you and to share our passion for all things brass with you! 

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